About Franklin

Franklin was born on the east side of Oakland, California in the era of John F. Kennedy on the one side, and the Black Panthers on the other side.

Everyone knew his father as a chef whom could make roast beef taste like prime rib, and his mother a well respected Safeway cashier for over 40 years. A woman who loved talking to people while saving lives.

From a life filled with financial success having obtained his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance, successfully passing the CPA exam and the gift of marriage, divorce and progeny; Franklin found himself at a destination-point that presented a long-standing Tough Struggle. 

Franklin was once the tax accountant for the late great Muhammad Ali which through a fight with depression Franklin had forgotten.

Franklin spent nine years with the American Express Company as the Sr. Director/VP of Entertainment Sponsorship's. Five of the nine years as Team Leader of a newly formed Diversity Council which he was responsible for several minority promotions.

In addition, Franklin holds a Series 3 License and Author of two quotable text books, "Tough Struggle - Life Changing Thoughts" and "THINK!."

Today, Franklin has a goal unmeasured by his passion to help people process better decision making while helping them understand that, "everything you do matters".